"KEY SHAPES" FOR STRINGS   * low tech * high impact *

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     The locations of 1/2 steps on the fingerboard create specific hand shapes and 'hand shape sequences'. These patterns morph quite predictably from string to string, key to key, and between positions. Students who develop a comprehensive understanding of the hand shapes, the patterns they create and the underlying music theory that causes the shapes are at a significant competitive advantage.

- Scale and arpeggio patterns are much easier (and faster) to learn.

- Significantly improved sight reading yields faster learning of all repertoire.

- Heightened self confidence leads to greater effectiveness of personal practice time which in turn, often encourages more time practicing.  


is a sequence of written, performance, and aural activities that lead students to a comprehensive understanding of fingerboard hand patterns years faster than conventional methods.

     Some of the printed materials are unique to 'KEY SHAPES'. Most of the activities and materials are common practice. Significantly improved learning comes from the systematic sequencing of comprehensive small learning units. As students master complete units of musicianship fundamentals (all 5 accidentals, keyboard note layout, key signatures...) improved self-confidence leads to a strong desire to learn more. Upon mastery of the first few units, each new step becomes easier and quickly leads to a thorough understanding of the hand shapes in every key, on each string, in every position.  While the shapes and shape sequences are most apparent on violin and viola, cellists and bassists also enjoy a significant gain from working through these materials and exercises.

Knowledge Development Activities  (Click  here)  
Left Hand Skill Development & Pattern Recognition (Click -->) 
     Tetrachord Introduction and Mastery
     Tetrachord Warm Up Sequence
Aural Skill Development  (Click here) 

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