Key Shapes Teacher Pack

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Key Shapes Teacher Pack


The Key Shapes Teacher Pack is a comprehensive guide to teaching Key Shapes concepts and setting up Key Shapes as an important part of your string curriculum.

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     Purchase of this download includes permission to phpto-copy all student pages for any students of one teacher for the period of one calendar year.

     Permission is not given to reproduce any teacher pages or for any form of reproduction except photo-copies of student pages.

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Introduction” (for teachers)

To the Students

Discovery and Reflection Questions

The Four Main Tetrachord Patterns

Key Shapes Warm-up Exercises” - getting familiar with the sounds and shapes

Beginning Tetrachord Finger Patterns” - suggested introductory fingerings/shift patterns for violin, viola, cello, bass

Developing a Key Shapes Vocabulary

Key Shapes Training Sequence & Written Materials” an overview

Key Shapes Worksheets” - an introduction for teachers

* “The Tetrachord Cycle” - 3 ways to ‘discover’ / remember the cycle

* “The Key Shapes Grid” - crystalizing ‘the big picture’

Understanding the Stunning Simplicity of the Tetrachord Cycle and the Key Shapes Grid” - a brief review

Conclusion” - a reflection on what has been learned and why it matters. A challenge to teachers to create a supportive environment with high expectations for personal growth.

Key Shapes Worksheets” - this the only part of this process that is unique to Key Shapes for Strings . 

Application of Key Shapes Concepts to Repertoire Development

Incorporating Key Shapes into the Curriculum and Grading Structure

Application of Key Shapes Concepts to Standard Scale Patterns” (V, Va, C, B)

Key Shapes as a Resource for Data Driven Curriculum Improvement...

Grading Policy and Timing of Assignments

Beyond Key Shapes. Additional Performance-Based Music Theory Topics to Develop Exceptional Performers