Intonation / Sight-Reading Enhancement & Teacher Training Clinic

Low-tech, high-impact strategies for rapid improvement sight reading and repertoire development for orchestral string players.

Imagine rapid mental mapping of left hand key shapes in all positions on all strings for each key signature. Professionals don't have to imagine it - they live it daily. Your students can get there years faster with effective training.

This session will present rehearsal techniques, musicianship development exercises, and printed materials to link the sight, the sound, and the left hand shapes recognition needed for effective sight reading.

Each key signature creates a unique pattern of notes on the fingerboard. Over many years and countless etudes, scales, etc., professional string players develop a thorough knowledge of these patterns. The time needed to develop recognition of these patterns can be dramatically reduced through effective exposure to the sight, sound, and feel of these basic patterns. By learning how each of the four fundamental patterns feels, sounds, and usually combines with the other patterns, students gain confidence playing in any key, on any string, and in the position that best serves any passage.

This clinic will share effective rehearsal activities and hands-on printed materials that combine with any commercial methods and any level of repertoire. They were developed over a 30 year career in heterogeneous public school teaching and are equally effective in private instruction.

The result of using this approach is the development of ensembles that sight read much better with a significant reduction in concert preparation time and a significant improvement in intonation.

Students who take pride in improved self-sufficiency are more likely to practice effectively and longer. Proud students lead to proud parents and happy administrators.

Come see how effective sequencing of standard concepts and practices can revolutionize your program or studio. Audience members are welcome to participate in the demonstration group.