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Rhythm Workshop was developed in 1979 & 1980. In the 1990s it was published by J. Weston Walch. 

On April 1, 2014 became the only source for purchase of the original Rhythm Workshop. Unfortunately, a major music publisher released a very different book with the same title in 2014. 

The workbook that has trained thousands of students in effective rhythm reading is now available on this site in the Rhythm Workshop Sales page. If you are a former student, please consider passing along that great training that you received to the students you teach. Mr. Chaffee is available for teacher support for programs for any programs using Rhythm Workshop, Key Shapes for Strings, or Basic Blues for Bowed Strings.

Life in “retirement” continues to be exciting and fulfilling. Now done with 5 seasons of conducting the West Valley Wind Ensemble and the Surprise Pops Band as well as 5 seasons as principal viola in the Sun City Concert Orchestra, and drummer/vocalist in the Sun City Stomperz (Plus lots of freelance playing and teaching) we are finding joy in each activity and in the broad mix.

As of this writing (May of 2019), we are deep into planning for a new adventure. Open Sky Artist Management is working with me to create fun new educational and performance opportunities throughout the northwest. In July we will be launching master classes and clinics on Rhythm Workshop, Key Shapes and other activities. Please keep an eye on their website and this one for more details.

Your inquiries are welcome. Please don't hesitate to be in touch  with any questions.

Public Performance schedule

     (text, email, or call for details)

All performances are open to the public except as noted

{in brackets describes what I'll be doing}

“SCW” = Sun City West “SC” = Sun City AZ

Sun City Stomperz - Trad Jazz. Every 2nd & 4th Saturday 6:30-8:30 at the Bistro Lounge in Westbrook Village (Sun City AZ) {Drummer / Vocalist)

Clark is {music director/ principal conductor} for the West Valley Wind Ensemble (“WVWE”) and the Surprise Pops Band (“Pops”). Check their websites for the latest concert information.

He is also vocalist & bass player for “Olde Folk” traditional American folk music.

2019 - May to September

intentionally left largely open for travel & out of state activities

2019 - May

5/11 & 25 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

2019 - June

6/8 & 22 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

6/ 2, 9, 16, 23 - 10:30am - Shepherd of the Hills Church (SCW) Folk Service Bass}

6/11 - 1 & 3pm - Cactus Clarinets concerts {Drums} Lecture Hall, Johnson Rec Center SCW

6/29 - late afternoon. Main stage - Olde Folk {Bass, Vocals} Flagstaff Folk Festival

2019 - July

7/1 & 4 times & places TBA - Sun City All Stars Big Band concerts SC & SCW {Leader, Drums, Vocals}

In mid and late July, Clark will be working in Bozeman Montana with Open Sky Artists management team on a series of workshops and clinics. Please click on the link for details.

2019 - August

8/10 & 24 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

2019 - September

9/14 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

9/15 - 1-4PM Sun City Stomperz Featured Concert - Arizona Classic Jazz Festival

9/28 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

2019 - October

10/ 12 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

Sundays As needed - SHUMC (SCW) 10:30 Folk Service {drums or bass}

10/26 - WVWE concert at St. Christopher’s SC 3pm (see above)

10/26 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

As needed - LaCasa de Christo (Scotsdale AZ) 8 & 9:15am services {timpani…}

2019 - November

11/1 & 2, contact Clark for details - Sun City Stomperz perform at the AZ Classic Jazz conference, {Drums/Vocals} Chandler AZ

11/ 9 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

TBA, 3pm - WVWE concert, {Conduct} Shepherd of the Hills Methodist Church SCW

TBA, 7pm - Sun City Chamber Orchestra concert. {Viola} Amer. Lutheran Church, SC

11/9, 10:30am “Traditions Park” in Surprise AZ 2pm “Sunflower Resort”, Surprise Pops Band concerts, {Conduct/vocal/percussion}

11/10, 2PM - WVWE concert, {Conduct} Wickenburg AZ Community Center

11/11, TBA - Surprise Pops Band concert, {Conduct/vocal/percussion} Sunflower Village, Surprise AZ

11/11, TBA - Surprise Pops Band concert, {Conduct/vocal/percussion} AZ Traditions village, Surprise AZ

TBA, 3pm - Sun City Chamber Orchestra, Life in Christ Church in Peoria, {Principal Viola} Sun City

TBA 1:00pm - Surprise Pops Band concert, {Conduct/vocal/percussion} Palm Ridge Auditorium, Sun City West

11/23, 6:30pm - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

11/TBA, 1:00pm - Saguaro Saxes concert, Rio Salado College {Drums} Sun City West

2019 - December

12/ 14 & 28 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

12/2, 1:30pm - Sun City Women’s Chorus concert. Sundial auditorium {drums}  Sun City

12/2, 7pm - Desert Brass Band {timpani} Congregational Church SC

12/6, 5pm - SwingTime “Jazzy Little Christmas” concert. Great Lawn at the Johnson Rec. Center SCW CANCELLED (RAIN & COLD) :-(

12/as needed, 10:30am - Shepherd of the Hills, Contemporary Service {Drums or Bass} SCW

12/TBA, 5pm - Casa DeChristo Lutheran Church, Holiday Service {Timpani …} Scottsdale

12/16, 8, 9:15, 10:30am - Casa DeChristo, Holiday Services {Timpani/…} Scottsdale

12/ 28 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

12/31, 7-9pm Swingtime Jazztet, New Years Eve Celebration at The Heritage {Bass/Vocals} Sun City West

2020 - January

1/ 11 - 6:30pm Sun City Stomperz (see above)

1/ tba - 3:00pm Surprise Pops Band {Conduct} Surprise AZ Performing Arts Center

1/ 25 - 6:30pm Sun City Stomperz (see above)

  • + TBA

2020 - February

2/TBA- 3pm WVWE concert, {Conduct} Lord of Life Lutheran Church SCW

2/ 8 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

2/20 - 7pm West Valley Wind Ensemble concert. United Church of Sun City

2/ 22 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

2/23 - 3pm West Valley Wind Ensemble concert. Sunflower Resort. El Mirage

2/29 - 3pm West Valley Wind Ensemble concert. St. Christopher Church SC

  • +TBA

2020 - March

3/ TBA - Olde Folk concert, 11am Glendale Folk Festival {Bass, Vocals)

3/ 14 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

3/22 - 3pm West Valley Wind Ensemble concert. Pebble Creek Resort

3/28 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

3/TBA - 3pm Surprise Pops Band {conduct} Performing Arts Center, Surprise AZ

  • +TBA

2020 - April

4/8? - 1pm - Surprise Pops concert {Conduct} Palm Ridge Rec Center SCW

4/ 11 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

4/19 - 2pm Olde Folk concert. Wickenburg Community Center

4/TBA - 8 & 9:15am services - LaCasa de Christo (Scotsdale AZ) {timpani…}

4/23 - 7pm Swingtime AZ (C&E jazz combo) concert {Drums, Vocals, Leader) Sundial Auditorium SC

4/ 25 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

2020 - May

5/TBA - 1pm - Surprise Pops concert {Conduct} Advent Episcopal Church SCW

5/11 & 25 - Sun City Stomperz (see above)

* current member of

West Valley Wind Ensemble - conductor, music director

Surprise Pops Concert Band - conductor, music director, vocalist

Sun City Stomperz, professional Dixieland Band - drummer & vocalist

Sun City Chamber Orchestra - Principal Viola, violist in the all-principal quartet - will move to the bass section for the 2019-2020 season

SwingTime & Jazz Alive - leader, drummer, vocalist. Professional Jazz ensemble.

Olde Folk - bassist, vocalist. Sextet focusing on folk music of the 40s-70s.



Ongoing - clinician for AZ ABODA festivals

Prior to 2017

2016 (March) - clinician and guest conductor for the Music & Arts Music Educator Conference at South Elgin (IL) High School

2015 (March) - clinician and guest conductor for the Music & Arts Music Educator Conference at Addison Trails (IL) High School

2014 - Pennsylvania PMEA District 7 presentation of Rhythm Workshop and Key Shapes for Strings clinics

2014-2015 - Extensive Key Shapes and Rhythm Workshop work with three schools in Gilbert AZ

January 24, 2014 - IL MEA All State Convention    "Key Shapes for Strings - Fingerboard Geography Mastery"

January 31, 2014 - AZ MEA All State Convention   "Key Shapes for Strings - Fingerboard Geography Mastery"

February 1, 2014 - AZ MEA All State Convention   "The Music Team within a PLC, Introduction and Guidelines"

March 5-8, 2014 - ASTA National Convention (Louisville KY)      "Rhythm Workshop - Therapy for the Rhythmically Impaired" 

March 26 2014 - Rhythm Workshop clinics at Canyon del Oro HS, Tucson AZ

October 27/28, 2014 - Key Shapes for Strings Clinic at the National NAfME convention in Memphis

2013-2014 -  Illinois Weslyian University & Bradley University "Key Shapes for Strings - Fingerboard Geography Mastery"

Guest speaker University of Illinois & Northwestern University on various large ensemble curriculum development topics


Reduced rates can be arranged for guest conducting, mentoring, clinics at schools can be arranged if they are scheduled near in timing and location to other scheduled activities. We are currently looking to add dates in Illinois or Indiana near the beginning or end of November 2013.