This part of the web site was created to provide introductory, reference, and support materials for the Arizona Music Educators 2014 convention clinic on Music Teams within a Professional Learning Community. The session was presented by Jeff Slepak, Clark Chaffee, and Enrique Vilaseco with support from Dr. Richard DuFour, Dr. Tim Kanold, Dr. Stephen Plank, Dr. Jon Grice, and the members of the Stevenson High School Music Team.

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AZ cover page and resources

Unify and Strengthen Your Music Department...

Assessment Rubric for Performance - Band

Flywheel Effect for Instructional Improvement - Kanold

Learning Targets for Band 1 & 2

National Core Standards

PLC Blended Team - Grice / Custable

PLC Blended Team - Plank / Custable

Stevenson Music Team Goals 2012-2013

Stevenson Theater Dept Rubrics & Student Self-Assessment Guide Samples (to use as a resource for similar projects in music)