Therapy for the Rhythmically-Impaired & Teacher Training Clinic
Drastically reduce the time you waste fixing rhythm errors!

Tired of spending too much of your rehearsal time "teaching the rhythms" and fixing rhythm mistakes? Learn to effectively and efficiently teach the fundamentals of rhythm notation and performance so that your students thoroughly understand how to read and how to perform most rhythms on sight in various time signatures.

Investing time in thorough training of basic concepts pays back amazing returns: students are more engaged and practice more effectively at school and at home because they make more progress; the drastic reduction in “fixing” allows more rehearsal time for higher level refinement; less time fixing means more time performing and less time wasted with talking!

Come share these ‘teacher developed’ and ‘student approved’ materials and practices, then watch your program blossom. This low-tech, high-impact clinic is interactive. Participants will receive free materials, will experience beginner level training, and share ideas for implementation in a variety of settings.

Please note: this clinic can be done with the clinician and audience only or with implementation and reflection participation of teachers and students who are current users of the materials and activities.